Wired Magazine – Stephen Mayes Article by Pete Brook



This has been the Article that has really changed my direction of research. After reading this Article i realised that a great topic to focus on that really appeals to the aspects i’m intersted in,  is Instagram. Everyone at the moment is talking about Instagram especially as they have just reached 100 million users. It is surely a massive demonstration of how we are using images differently. In this Article i mostly agree with what Mayes is saying but i tend to lean towards more the idea that he is abandoning the imporance of the Artefact. He is Abandoning the idea that we still have a place for the ‘Fixed Image’. This article really has been the catalyst for my Research project. I want to try and challenge the idea of the fluid image a little bit and also Mayes and Ritchin’s views. I really ant to demonstrate the way in which people are denying the fluid image or reverting back to the advantages of the Analog Fixed Image. I think Innstagram and the way it works can be used in my Prsentation as a perfect example of the Fluid image, simply becasue Instagram works in the same way as a social network, it is a social network, just wth images instead of text. There is a constant feed and eventually the images disappear.

There are some great key points in this article which i can use and strongly reference to. I like the analogy of the ‘horeless carriage’ which Mayes uses and this is something i have Ritchin use before too. There is also an idea od ‘Nostalgia’ in this article which Mayes briefly talks about which i also think can send me on a very important area of research.

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