Phonar – Spencer Murphy- The Four Looks of Photography.

Spencer Murphy “The willing suspension of critical engagement: the four looks of photography” from Matt Johnston on Vimeo.



Spencer Murphy came in to give us a guest lecture in the phonar class today. His main idea was to try and give us a thought about the ‘four looks of photography’. Whereas we as photographers usually talk about the 3 looks, those being, photographer/subject/audience. Spencer tried tog et us to think about the Fourth Look. I understood it as an almost extention of the Audience. When the Audience or viewer see’s the work the work takes a whole new meaning and understanding. It somewhat treads on ideas of Authorship and how the Author may not matter because the audience give a piece meaning. Spencer talked to us about ideas of legitimacy. The idea that it has been a long struggle for Photography and film to gain legitimacy. The Fourth look is something to think about as it is an idea which seems itself legitimate. I tried to think of it in ways where a piece of Photography or Film has an effect on you where you actually wish to change something or as spencer put it, if you can make a piece of work where it makes a person reveal something about themself, that is power, and that is how you make a name for yourself. Best way to Sum it up i think.


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