Phonar Idea and reaching out to the SAH Community

As i will be pitching my idea soon i will not into too much detail about my idea for phonar but i will share what i have been up to in regards as to dveveloping interest into my project.

I ave decided to get in contact and appeal for other survivors of Subarachnoid Haemorrhages to come foward and shae their stories. I decided to look at what already exsisting forums are out there on the internet to use as possible platforms to promote the project i have been doing with my Dad and to also ask if anyone would like to contribute. I contacted the 3 main online support platforms and 2 of them agrred that i could post a thread about asking for Survivors to share their stories. Here are some Screenshots of my posts:




This is the I think there forum is currently having some trouble as the graphics are not showing up but my post is still there in the text form.



This is

So far i have had some good response from this and with a few tweets and shares from both charities twitter accounts i have reached out to a lot of people.

I have been emailing a select few people who i wont name yet as i am not sure of their involvment with the project at this early stage but there has definatly been a positive response so far and it seems as if my idea and follow through with it would be well recieved by the SAH survivors community.

I am currently on the look out for more online platforms to get in touch with and also to appeal for contributors. I then may even look at going to local support groups and seeing if they can be of any help to me to get this project involved with the wider community.


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