Robbie Cooper – Guest Lecture- Phonar

This week it was a big suprise to have Robbie Cooper Stop by class and treat us to a look over his work and the key ideas surrounding it. He talked to us mostly about his career and how he went from the age of 22 (the average age of the class) up to his most recent ideas on his ‘Immersion’ project.

It was great to get a Practictioner like Robbie Cooper in to talk to us. He has been very succesful and i think a lot of the class take some inspiration from him and his career. It was great hearing him talk of his work and the ideas behind it. It was good to see how he has gone from photography to now using Video in some of his work. He sems like a photograher who has adapted to the new media world, and it seems as if he plans to keep adapting to the new forms of communication and story telling. He was taling of his latest idea of making a Video Game. An industry which is booming and has yet to break into th Art world. Can a Video Game be Art? a question which reminds me of is Photography Art? a question of legitimacy that spanned for decades. His ideas do seem to have a lot of concept behind or they are layered up with meaning behind the actual piece or artefact.

Robbie Cooper seems like a good example of the saying ‘if you dont ask you dont get’. This comes from when he told us of faxing through an idea to Paystation and a few hours later they phoned him and gave him finding to see the project through. Obviously a good Idea and Luck also come into play, the right time and right place. Or the Right Idea in the Right time.



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