Brian Palmers top tips for Phonar


Brian’s top-tips for #phonar

  • 1. Do your research.
  • 2. Go! By foot, car, bus. Show up [or turn up if that’s UK style]. Meet and greet people, which might mean leaving the camera in your bag at first.
  • 3. Be open and clear to the people you’re hoping to represent
  • 4. Enable them to collaborate.
  • 5. Be transparent, both in how you work and about your relationship with the subject.
  • 6. Allow the story to grow organically and then pare it down.


Meet and Great people which may mean leaving the camera in the bag at first! Great point, i think that might be the most important one! Too many times i hear Keep shooting and have your camera at the hip. I think it speaks to me that point. I am not a Photographer who is always shooting like some. I feel like i take a lot of time to asses what i’d like to capture. Sometimes there is a case of the snapshot or decisive moment but i think sometimes you need to get to know the subject at least a little before telling their story.

‘boots on the ground reporter’ – A storify from the class.

Brain Palmer – Phonar contribution.

I especially like how Brian came from a street Photography Background. An idea of the candid moment, the snapshot or decisive moment. For him to talk about negotiating the camera away from the subject at first if needs be in his top tips is really interesting. Maybe the collaboration of a story with the subject gains a better result than just taking the story from a subject for you to tell. Afterall it’s the Subjects story so isnt it our job to help them tell it and not take it?


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