Fred Ritchin – After Photography

This is the book that i have had the most interst with over the past few weeks, i thought it was about time to jot dwon some thoughts and quotes from it. It’s been really beneficial for me to read through and think about the key concepts that Ritchin is providing. He talks a lot about ideas of copyright and how Digital Media is almost like a new Medium, especially Photography and that it has a moral question to be asked of it.

‘We no longer think, talk, read, listen, see the same way nor do we write, Photograph or even make love the same way’.

‘become the stuff of our own dreams’

Marshall Mcluhan – ‘one thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water’

(they dont know the water is wet becasue they havent experienced the dry.

Into the Digital

‘Digital Photography has been configured as a seamless, more efficient repetition of the past, easier to sell to the apprehensive consumer even as it is celebrated as part of the ‘digital revoloution’.”  (consumer Branding)

‘an enironment with no taste, no smell – framed by another rectangle’

‘Digital is based on an Architecture of infinitely repeatable abstractions in which the original and it’s copy are the same’

‘Digital Media – Non Linear, Interactive’

‘Cause and effect, even Life and Death’

Linda Stone ‘ Continuous Partial Attention’

Of Pixels and Paradox

‘I felt that however i would choose to prevent myself would be meaningless: he Photograph would later be changed by someone who had never met me’

‘Saw Photographer as no more than a paid researcher looking for images for someone else to re-present’

‘review images as they are uploaded’

‘The famous decisive moment of henri cariter bresson can occur more easily. And just as decisively, decades after the image was taken’.

‘Authorship becomes malleable’

‘Does the photograph still require a photographer or even a Camera’

‘In the Fluid digital environment, copyright may be for some too static and all-inclusive a concept’

‘Using the Camera only to provide answers and not questions is to underestimate what the camera can do’.


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