Phonar in conversation with David Campbell

Now i remember when i was in first year and attended the talk that David Campbell gave so it was extra nice to re-listen to it and reflect on it two years later with a bit more experience and with a lot more questions. Th one thing that always speaks to me about David Campbell when he talks about Narrative is when he says : ‘ The more specific you are the more general you are’. That has sat with me really well. It says to me go and tell the story around the corner and narrow it. I find that it can almost be as if you can reference the bigger and wider issues you want to contend with by simply being so specific with your subject. I have an idea with the project following my Father that focusing on one man is much the issue but it’s just one person being effected by something that is effecting thousands in regards tot he issue of the welfare refrom bill and also his Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. I feel that if i can produce something which stems away from those issues and focuses more on say a positive thing or a less relevant subject matter you can still potentially be addressing those issues you want to talk about. By being specific like that, you generate a relationship that people can relate to, a niche for example. You tell a story of football and the football fans will be interested, then you can be general. With that niche you hook someone to a story and thats when you can introduce them to an issue. It also seems to apply to the idea that by telling one persons story you can address the General story, the idea of putting a ‘face on an issue’ a term that is used so often in Photography. The personification of a story makes everyone relate when they see evidence of a Person effected.

David Campbell also talks  a lot on reading enough. Basically doing your research. If you are going to shoot a story and you havent read about it or done your research you dont know how you can photograph it to capture the communication to the Audience. It’s simply Bad journalism. How can you form a representation on something you know nothing about. How can you form a trusted legitimate representation of something you know nothing about. ‘If you’re pictures arn’t good enough, you’re not reading enough’.

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