Travis Shaffer Guest Lecture – Phonar

Travis Shaffer’s Lecture to our Phonar class was particularly interesting becasue it was all about sourcing imagery from the internet. It’s about creating work from exsisting Photographs something which the internet has made more possible and opened up ideas of authorship.

It demonstrates really well how the idea of Creative Commons licensing is working these days. It has really made me think about my practice and where i stand on the debate of copyright on the Internet.

Travis’s Lecture has really shown me how to embrace a new form of making work, and it has opened up my eyes to the possibilites with producing work this way.

In particular it has mostly made me think hard about how the Internet is a free and open place for the sharing of Artistic productions so the question is how can we make this tool work rather than find what is wrong with it. I think it is such an interesting idea that someone can make a project out of images that they didnt even take, and that you can use somebody else’s eyes to tell your story. It’s like a mysterious collaboration with someone that can be potentially on the other side of the world.

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