Steal This Film

Steal This film has been a good source of research for me when looking into ideas of Copyright on the internet. I’m really trying to think about ideas of how copyright has changed and this film has been a great source of education when it comes to Online Piracy and Copyright Laws. It has really opened up my eyes to see how the Internet and Digital world has made Copyright laws somewhat out of date. I feel like we are trying to moderate a new Medium with an Old set of rules. It almost seems like we need to re-evaluate and take a look at the old business models and try and update them to suit the way in which we distribute information or how we have little control of the distribution of things online. Throughout this film there is a mian focus on the Movie Industry and Pirated downloaded Movies via file sharing and Torrenting, but it really does rasie issues and questions of Authorship. How do we maintain the Authors rights? or how do we adjust and update to make sure that they are maintained.

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