Side By Side – Keanu Reeves

Here is the Trailer for The Keanu Reeves Film I watched Recently.

I have wanted to watch this for sometime as i have quite an interest in cinema but i espeically found it to be relevant for my area of research for the Symposium. Reeves has produced this film to demstrate the transition from Film to Digital in the Moving Image world. He shows how Hollywood has evolved to a point where it is extremely rare to find a modern film that has been shot on film reel. It’s almost to the point now that if you were to shoot on film, it’s like it’s a certain medium or it’s a statement in itself. Reeves shows us how much more cost and time efficient the use of digital has changed the Industry and touches on notions that for this reason, you are able to make more films and therefore make more money.

I have been trying to make this relevant to Photography and my Areas of Research. I’m trying to continue to open up my mind to arguments between the Analog and the Digital as they are still going on and are very much highly debated topics. I definatly have found this a good source of information and am extremely interested in the information that Reeves provides us with in the aspects this fluidity, the faster working process, the Quantity produced. That might be an idea i’d like to continue on with and look into more.

This was also a good video to watch for some extra information. A Q&A session for the Film Side by Side.

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