Phonar – Task 3 – Unphotographable

Phonar Task 3 Unphotographable Phiction

We were asked to go onto and select a piece of text from Michael David Murphy’s work. Three stood out to me initially:

This is a picture I did not take of a rainsoaked woman with white hair in a white jogging suit with red stripes down the legs, walking toward me in a downpour, carefully pressing a white kleenex against her bloody nose.

This is a picture I did not take of a woman in pink jogging suit, spotlit and standing in the middle of the floor, surrounded by eight men sitting on benches in a smoking lounge at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, puffing away at 5:13 in the morning.

This is a picture I did not take of an empty parking lot in early morning light, a boy and a girl in the  middle of it, the boy 15 feet away from the girl, both of them facing away  from me and bent over at the waist, tripodding like sandpipers hunting  beach grubs, the boy with a piece of blue chalk in his right hand, the  girl with pink, each drawing long straight lines perpendicular to the  parking spaces for no apparent reason at all.

I eventually decided to go with the first one. I made a rain maker out of a Tin Can and some rice after our introduction last week to foley sound

The rest of the sound i gathered was real but i had attempted to control it a bit more. especially when making the extra rain sounds and footsteps. I tried to consider the enviornment more when i was recording the sounds. For the Images i sourced them all from Creative Commons Licensed Imagery. All the images were listed as allowed to be used and/or adapted so i wanted to gather images this way as i find the idea of it interesting.

Here is the video i produced.

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  1. Love the narrative piece you have created with the images but to be honest I’m not too sure on the soundtrack. I’ve watched the piece a few times and initally I think that the image/sound combo works well, but as it progresses I’m not so certain. The sound and images seem to battle each other towards the end instead of complimenting each other.

    • Thanks for the comment Emma, yeah i know what you mean. i tried to source all of the imagery from Creative commons and then i cropped a few of them to try and make it a bit more abstract and pick out the subject matter i needed. I found it quite difficult, concentrating more on sound, i think having to deal with that rain noise as well kind of distracts you from making more specific sounds as it becomes quite abrasive, need to figure out how to put it more in the background while keeping it’s prescence.

  2. Like the way you tackled the audio element rather concentrating on the visuals which i sure would of been more natural. I sourced all of my audio from CC then re-mastered it but thought the collaboration was a good thing to explore.


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