Day 20 – Professional Experience

Solihull College – Classroom Assistant

Today i was to contribute to the tutorial about getting the 1st year ND students to think about University and Further Education. I accompanied Emma Clarke who took the First Class and Dawn in the 2nd Class. I was required to chip in with my thoughts and experiences. I was asked to share my Knowledge and experience throughout the tutorial. The main point i wanted to pass onto these students was to make the most of the support they have at college, especially with applying to university. I explained how i had finished college and worked for 2 and a half years and then when i decided to apply for university had a real hard time completing my application because i had always had my mind set on that i wasnt going to go, which is why i never listened when we were being taught about how to go about applying. It was nice to spend some time today talking about something i am currently involved in, i was asked to tlak abit about coventry university and the course and it seemed to motivate some of the students to start thinking about their education future. In the afternoon i found myself taking a class on my own. Emma had some Paperwork and marking to be getting on with so she asked if i wouldnt mind taking the class while she did her work. i was a little nervous but i felt confident enough now that i had gotten to know the students a little better. I went round the class often and checked what students were up to and made sure they were doing something productive. Some of them went to the darkroom while others were in the classroom on research tasks. I had to help organise a few of them in regards to the fact they had a deadline to meet tomorrow and i was helpig them get together a plan of action for getting everything done on time. I felt like i recalled my Teamwork skills here from my mediating with the big group in the exhibition we put on. I helped each student by talking through what they had left to do and the time frame of doing it. I also spent alot of time talking to students personally about my university experiences and i feel that my workds and advice were really taken notice of more on a personal level one on one. i realised that there is only so much as a big group or class you can talk about but you really have got to approach each student individually as much as possible to make sure that both parties are awae of the others requirements as well as a Teacher should be aware of how to try and develop the Student.

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