Teamwork Reflection – Professional experience

I’m going to take some time now to reflect on my Teamwork skills. Now that i am coming to the end of this professional experience module i have found it the right time to think and analyse the pursuits i have been involved in. During my selected placements and endevours i have had to spend alot of time working in Teams. The main ones in particular being the Exhibition Experiences and also The Classroom Assisting. During the exhibitions there were strong roles which people tended to stick to. My time working with the Clarke Gallery as an Exhibition Assistant i believe i dealt with my responsibilities well. I tended to focus on my tasks in particular and getting them done within the time frame needed for the rest of the group. When i was hanging work for example, i only had the equipment needed for this for a limited amount of time as another person needed to use it soon after me to make sure their work was up on he wall on time aswell. Therefore i had to work to a strict time frame. I think the most important part about this was communication and to be totally informed about the tasks at hand. Similarly, when Curating our own exhibition, the picbod exhibition i took the role of curator and found myself organising alot of people and organising seperate teams. I believe that my Expreience with the previous Exhibition helped me in this as i knew that we had to talk and make sure everyone was informed about their tasks and responsibilities. I enjoyed the role of Curator more. I think i worked well with the Organising and planning of the event and i made sure to rely on other people in the team to do their jobs too. I did find myself getting tired in the process though and this left me to asses that maybe i was, at points, taking too much on.  Next time i’ll be sure to keep my limitations in mind and not be reluctant to ask for help. Other members of the team that worked on the exhibition such as Alex W and Kye T had commented how they felt confident with me making the final decisions on things. They gave me their opinion that they trusted me. In a curators sense i think this is a very important comment and also of being able to talk about our roles with each other.

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