Day 19 – Professional Experience

Solihull College – Classroom Assistant

I was a little bit nervous about going into today as i had been asked to prepare a short powerpoint presentation on the Exhibition i had just done and also a short bit about Coventry university and the photography course. i was to present to the HND students who are just getting ready to do their own exhibition for their end of year show so the intention was to give them a bit of advice and to show them how i had approached it with The Picbod Exhibition.

The Class of students was quite small so i gained some confidence quite quickly and began the presentation as i had briefly practiced. i wanted to make the presentation abit informal so there was free roam for people to jump in and as any questions. Once i was in the swing of explaining and talking i became more confident in front of the class and relaxed myself which i believe seemed to relax the students too. It made the presentation and the process more smooth for both involved. I felt like i was being listened to closley ans this made me feel quite responsible and more confident and assured of my own experiences. Doing this Presentation seemed to validate my experience for me. It seemed to put it into perspective a little bit and the other project i had done for this module, i was now talking about. it provided me great ground to take a step back and reflect on the things i have achieved through this Module. After my presentation i ws then asked to do it again for a seperate group, this time the National Diploma 2nd years who were a bigger group. I didnt let this intimidate me too much as i was still riding on the confidence of the last presentation. I went into the presentation informal and relaxed and i think this made it in whole a better experience. i kept trying to make it relevant to the students by giving examples of similar things they would have to do. I Found that it was really important to be prepared. I think i would have been more comfortable if i had really developed the presentation more. I didnt get the chance to show the videos i wanted to either so next time i think i would have to provide videos which are not online in case of no internet access or when a website is blocked.
Here is the powerpoint i showed today.


i wanted to keep it simple and tidy but informative. i chose a simple white slide design.

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