Day 18 – Professional Experience

Solihull College – Classroom Assistant.

I finally got everything aranged for me to go in and do some classroom assisting at solihull college. I am a little bit disapointed as it has come through quite late in the term in reference to the deadline for this module as i wanted to get alot of experience from this particular position as its a profession i am very much interested in for the future. I havent let this phase me though as i plan to continue this placement for weeks after this module as it will gather me some great experience for the future as well as being a great addition to my CV.

I started my day at the college at 10am and met up with Emma Clarke who is the head of Photography at Solihull College. I am going to be shadowing her quite alot during this placement especially. the first session of the day i was working with 1st year national diploma students. i was given little direction except for being introduced to the class. i decided to observe Emma for a short while and then continued to start conversing with the students. I found this quite nerve racking at first but once i started paying attention to the students the semed to respond quite positively. i started by asking questions about their work and what they were up to. They were currently working on a street documentary module which required them to shoot in the style of Martin Parr. This was a good starting point to try and help them with ideas. They had to think of some ideas on how to produce 5 images for their final piece as it were. I found helping them brainstorm ideas and showing them similar practioners was a big benefit and help to them. There did seem to be certain students though in the class who wernt as enthusiastic towards me as others. i Found it especially difficult today to try and talk about their work or any ideas, some of them didnt seem to want much advice or help. I didnt really know how to deal with this at first but i tried to encourage them to talk a little. There were one or two students even after my persistance still didnt want to talk so i moved on and didnt push them. I am making sure not to forget about these particular students though and will try and think of alternative approaches for next time to try and help generate some responce and rapour about their work.

Another Part of my day which i found interesting was being in the staff room environment. A place which i have never been. it was nice to see all aspects of teaching today and i think its important to maybe try and make an effort in the staff room with the other teachers. i think this could be too easily looked over and i should really consider its importance to get some advice and experience off people who are in the profession i want to maybe pursue.

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