Day 17 – Professional Experience

Website Shots for Mike Cutayar.

My friend Mike wanted some Photographs taken for his website. He is a Producer and sound engineer and was after some close up shots of his equipment and also background images he could possibilyuse in the design of his website. I went around his house with my digital SLR and a Tripod, i thought i’d best be prepared and take a tripod to help me compose the images more and also it gave me more freedom with exposure times. It was quite an informal meeting as we are quite good friends but i still tried to uphold my professinalism when working with Mike.
I found that i didnt really enjoy this type of work in comparison to what i had just done with the Picbod Exhibition. I felt as if i wasnt getting much out of the experience of doing this. All i found was that i was taking common images without much Artistic Merit. I really feel that i have made a decision today with knowing that i am the type of practitioner who still needs that Artistic or creative aspect to their Job for them to enjoy it.

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