Day 16 – Professional Experience

Model Shoot – Alex Blair

My friend Alex is a Model who recently wanted a few new pictures to update his portfolio with. i said i would be happy to take a few of him aslong as he would keep my Authorship on the Photographs.
I decided to set it up as a professional Shoot in my bedroom agains a white wall, i rented out some Lighting equipment and set up in time for Alex to arrive.
When Alex arrived we proceeded to talk about a few things he wanted to capture and i worked with him on getting a result he was pleased with. i chose to shoot digital so it was easier to do this.  i dont usually enjoy photographing in A studio environment especially in a Fashion or Model sense but i fouf this quite enjoyable. maybe because i was more relaxed as i am quite friendly with Alex and it was a less stressful environment. i now feelas if i would be comfortable to do this again and now have some examples of what i can do i this situation of a client is interested in getting some shots done for a portfolio.
these are the best shots we edited dwn for Alex’s Portfolio.

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