Day 15 – Professional Experience

Picbod Exhibition

Opening Night.

Today was about the finishing touches and all of us were running around and wearing ourselves out trying to get everything finished. We still had a big issue with some of the work not being up on the wall as it wouldnt stick so we had to first find a soloution for that. The velcro wasnt sticking to certain surfaces so we found the soloution of using No More Nails adhesive. It Worked. We spent alot of time in the afternoon thinking now about the Opening. we wanted to make the place look warm and inviting and we wanted it to be more of an event and an experience to anyone who turned up. We decided we get some candles and insense and also get some music sorted for the main room. As the curator i had come up with this idea of letting everybody collect in the main hall, i wanted to make a trail around the exhibition to the main hall where people could stop and chat and spend some time. Hopefully then promoting the idea that they would then return to view the work and go on another trail. The way we did this was to make sure the work went in a circle around the rooms, it followed on from one another, after each piece you could see the next and then until eventually you were in the main hall to collect your free drink.

After we had opened it was still the case to keep up a professional manner and still concern yourself with working and oragnising the exhibition. I found that i couldnt let my guard down as much as i thought becasue certain issues like the toilet facilities and more Drinks needed to be addressed. It also became a great platform and attracted alot of Coventrys Art scene which Brought to us Gallery owners and other curators whom we could talk to.

I felt very Accolmplished after the Opening Night and as if it had been a job well done. We had all worked very hard as a team to make it the success it was.

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