Day 14 – Professional Experience

Picbod Exhibition

After the effective work by everyone yesterday we were in a really good position and running on time. The Advertising team were back on flyer duty and the cleaning team were back in the exhibition space to carry on tidying and to start thinking about getting work on the wall.

Before any hanging could happen it had to be decided how we would choose peoples spaces and positions. We wanted everyone to be happy with there space and also we wanted to maintain the option of having similar work near each other. We were getting into the Curating side of things. We decided to once again share our opinions on the space and draw up a plan. We also knew that we needed to promote a democratic way of choosing these spaces but also we knew we had to be vigilant and strict with a final decision and everyone needs to respect that. Everyone decided that i should be given the responsibility of the final say, be the curator. To help solve the issue i bought loads of post it notes and handed them out to everyone. I asked them to write their name on however many and place them on the walls or spaces which they liked or thought their work would look good or work well there. When this was finished i could spend quite alot of time walking round and visualising peoples work where they had suggested. Everyone seemed to be really pleased with this idea and the use of post it notes made it easy to reserve walls and also move them around accordingly. I really suprised myself with coming up with this soloution quite quickly and it really saved us some time i believe. I then worked with every individual in the group to organise and talk through where their work would go. Fortunatly i didnt have to make many hard decisions as everyone was really easy going and people tended to go with my suggestions. I found this the Hardest job of today, it wore me out a little bit thinking and trying to visualise space. i think next time i need to find a soloution for this, maybe photographing more space or making a model of the Exhibition space. We also had to deal with the issue of hanging the work which became another spontaneous soloution task. certain walls were very hard and were not taking nails or velcro. We ended up using string on certain parts which in turn became a part of those selcted pieces. Once again i really suprised myself today, i never thought of myself as a leader or someone who could take the front of the organisation of any event, but today has once again affirmed that for me. The only issue i can see though is that i wore myself out and might have taken too much on. This made me forget little details in the day which wasnt too detremental but in the future it could be something more important.

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