Day 13 – Professional Experience

Picbod Exhibition

We proceeded today with everyone involved in the clean up and advertising operation. All 16 people fortunatly turned up to get working. Today was mainly about the duty of dividing people up into groups and getting them to get on with their own tasks. I gave the Advertising a list of ‘to do’s’ which included, Printing Flyers and Distribution of them and contacting Newspapers and Radio Stations. The main thing i realised today was the need to stay one step ahead. It just so happened that people ended up coming to me for tasks to do and offering their help. This was a position that naturally occured, i didnt really assert myself but it felt as if i was in control over the proceedings of the day. This became a responsibility which i really enjoyed today. i felt as if i worked effectivly with organising the duties to the time frame of what we needed completed by the end of the day. We mostly cleaned all of the rooms in small teams and i went between teams helping each one out and discussing what to do next. The main duty today was to sweep up alot of dus and to finish clearing any unwanted clutter in the exhibition space. In this process we also found some Easels which were in storage or had been forgotten about. We came to a decision to go through and clean them up as we may be able to use them for diplaying work. I also had to work very closely today with the team and managers of the artspace building. I was constantly checking their approval of our actions and building a communication with them. I frequently went to talk to them for the whole group which seemingly helped develop my responsible role. I really enjoyed the responsibilty i had today, it felt like something i can deal with in the Gallery environment and i very much suprised myself with my Authoritative Organising.

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