Day 12 – Professional Experience

The Picbod Exhibition

Today we addressed the issue of the flooding situation. In the main room in the basement, if it rains, the water collects and forms a puddle casueing serious hazards if we are having people down there. We decided to get the fire exit door open and mop it up. The Mop was takng a long time to get through the amount of water down there so we popped down to the shops and got a lot of rolls of kitchen roll aswell as water absorbant cloths. We swept the water and put down the Kitchen rolls which sure enough soaked up the majority of the water with some hard graft.
We also took some time to contact all the members in the group and arrange that tomorrow would be the day where we start proper work on the clean up and advertising.  We decided to set up a budget also. Where everyone in the group would contribute £10 into a kitty. Therefore we would have money for Cleaning Products and lighting.

As it stands there are 16 people in the group

so 16x£10 = £160       This should be a great figure for us to start on.

I have also asked everyone to design a flyer for the event for tomorrow so we can start getting them printed.
Some have already been designed

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