Day 11 – Professional Experience

The Picbod Exhibition

Today was spent down in the basement literally moving things around. There was alot of clutter and and objects left in certain rooms which were taking up alot of space so i went down with a few others and got our hands dirty. It was a good chance to scout things out. We had a look around and found a room ideal for storage, a room which we could close off from the public in the exhibition and that could hide all of the junk we had found today. I realised today we are going to need some Proper cleaning utilities aswell as protection, i.e Gloves and Masks Etc. After some planning and consideration we got down to moving the clutter out of the Three rooms to the left of the basement. This took some time and care with the lack of light we had at the moment. we have yet to have sufficient lighting, something which is on the agenda to discuss with the group as soon as possible. Eventually we had stored everything in our storage room from those three rooms so they were noe ready to be supplied with light and cleaned and swept.
It was good tog et down there today for a chance to asses and write up a plan of action. it was nice being in the space and be able to spend some time there while thinking up ideas and what needs to be done next.

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