Day 10 – Professional Experience

The Picbod Exhibition

For the next week i have found a location with other members in our Year to use for an exhibition space. It needs alot of work and Cleaning and also planning if we are going to pull off a succesful exhibition.
The Space we have found is a disused basement at Artspace in Coventry it hasnt been used for anything in a long time therefore this has encouraged the build up of muck, dirt and storage space which needs to be cleared out. I have started out by becoming a member at Artspace and gaining some keys for the building. Today i got in touch with the class and arranged a meeting so we can discuss roles and the clean up process. i believe that we are going to need to split our group into two parts. one part on the clean up process and another on the advertising side of things. Because we have such a short space of time to get this done and ready for opening i think this will work to our advantage if we have people working on different things in different teams up to the same deadline.

Above i made a quick video on my phone to show the rest of the group the amount of space and poential we have with the basement. Also to give them a rough idea of how much work has to be done.
We have been given the confirmation of Opening the exhibition on Thurday 15th March and keeping it open until Saturday 17th March.
I have been getting in contact with our group via Facebook and have just sent out a message about making some flyers and posters now for distribution this whole week.

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