The Exhibition

This is a quick video we put together of the exhibition space we have just secured. It was made just so the class can get a rough idea of what the space looks like. We have planned the opening night for the 15th March and are just in the process of setting up the Facebook event and making a start on the promotion of the Event.
It will be held at Artspace in coventry who have a basement which they dont use which is a little derelict. We believe with a weeks hard work and clean up operation it will be a great little place to hold our exhibition. Myself and Adele have therfore become members of Artspace in order to have use of the Basement space. It also happens that this basement was once the site of Holyhead youth club which housed members of the Specials and the Selector in the very early stages of their musical careers. It has a few walls of grafitti from that era.

The above image is going to be my final set up for the prints i ahve chsen for the exhibition. once this set up is mounted on the wall i will then find a way of including the Book, maybe on a plinth or shelf of some kind to go with the prints. I will also have a foreword of information about the project which could be something mounted on foam board to stick next to it which obviously give author information but a brief insight into what the project is about.

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  1. ello bud love the photographs think they work really well, they are an excellent example of narrative including the book also.

  2. These images for me are so striking and it mostly to do with the story behind them i think these really need to get out of this class room and out into the world because its something im sure effect alot of people in the UK and these images could be the best thing to bring these issues to light. fuckin tory”s.

  3. You’ve tapped into a real issue here and although you said you didn’t want it to be the focus its grate that you have brought it to the front of people’s mind.

  4. hazelsteel

     /  March 8, 2012

    i think the meaning and reasoning behind your photographs is a really good talking point, and this portrays into the images, which makes them so good to view.

  5. putting a face on a problem. This work makes me feel sad, it makes me want to know how I as an individual could help change the situation. Before I knew the story behind these works I still felt a huge amount of sympathy for the man on the bed.

  6. I think these photos give a good narrative and the colour pictures work very well. You have the one dominant picture without the white boarder and I don’t feel it needs it. The way he is just sat on the bed staring out the window is one of ponder and sadness even though you don’t see his face. the accompanying three say a lot about the person with only one face shot. The clothing and the mirror I think amplify the character and how he feels.

  7. Sean,
    I think your work is really inspiring. I think with the text complimenting the images it gives it a whole other meaning. Much more personal, it makes us as the viewer want to feel for your dad and the things he has been through in his life.

    Good job 🙂

  8. I really like the book because you understand the person more, like I felt really sorry for him and what he has gone through. It is very touching. I think you have done a great job with this! Well Done 🙂

  9. A really strong final piece, i am intrigued as to how you’re dad feels after being photographed and his take on the piece, and the situation. Compositionally I think that the images are really striking. Over all I would be interested In hearing what you’re father thinks about the images.

  10. you’ve done a fantastic job. obv go check out toledano’s days with my father. sure you know it. just keep in mind how important it is to get something like this right. its something everyone to some degree can relate to, wether it is to do with an illness or just their relationship with a parent. you have nailed it. Just keep checking out work from other photographers just to make sure you stay on track for when you photographing in the future. Keep reminding yourself why you are doing it.
    great job. one of the strongest series in picbod


  11. I think you should be prime minister Sean! Well done, keep going.

  12. This is a really strong series, I think your Dad’s handwriting is really personal and puts across the point perfectly. Also, check out Alec Soth’s Niagara if you haven’t already. your book (with the handwriting) and style of photographing scenes is very similar to Soth’s. Very good!

  13. M. Mileva

     /  March 8, 2012

    i love your images and the way you present them.Think the book completely compliment and works great with them. Also, I love the idea of telling people what you think it’s right through your art. Believe that’s how important art is in our life. I’m more than proud I got an opportunity to met your amazing father. I’m not quite familiar with the UK situation about that kind of topic, but could got what you talking about, everywhere the is some shitty things which aren’t just silly and wish could not happen ever. Well, well done, keep it up, it’s great!!!

  14. David Miceli

     /  March 8, 2012

    Great stuff, Sean. The images pull you in and the other materials explain what captivated you in the first place.


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