Working on Image pairings and designing the book for print.

I have been working on some image pairings, and ideas for the book layout and also exhibition.

these are some initial ideas for my prints, or exhibition artefacts. Just some ideas on how i could pair some images.

i have also been learning how to use Indesign to produce a book of the images with the text. To be used as a supporting piece. I went and sat in with the First year photograhy students who were having a workshop in how to use Indesign and i learnt how to produce a simple book. I have been messing around with a few ideas and have been looking into print and publishers who i could go to to get this produced. I will probably go with website Magcloud. The print and publish the magazine or book and send it to you. They also offer you an online distribution service where people can view the book online and also buy it. It has common factors and options to share the media aswell, so it would be easy to promote though links on twitter. I think this is the best option to optimise the photographic works online presense. It provides an online artefact.
Here are some examples of the pages ive been designing

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  1. M. Mileva

     /  March 4, 2012

    That’s great, Sean! But why i missed that Indesing workshop?!

    • I just happened to ask matt one day about book designing and he said the first years were doing some things if i wanted to pop by and join the session. it was just luck!


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