The Book and making the most of the digital artefact.

I am producing a book as a supporting piece of the exhibition prints which can house the text more easily and i can include more images to display more of a narrative with the story i’m trying to tell. I have uploaded my finished book to Magcloud and this is where i am getting it printed from. Magcloud also acts as a distribution service which people cn buy from. So for instance i can sell the Book from this Website. They charge the cost of the Book to print and then the Author can choose how much of a mark up to put on it. I have made it available for free download and preview so it can be viewed online, but to get the actual artefact and printed version there is a charge. i have put a mark up of 100% on it so it costs $8.00 to buy which is about £5.00 which i think is great value for money. the website also offers the ability to be able to share the information and get links to it which is great for promoting your artefact and especially for me who can link to it on twitter and have direct access to everyone following #picbod

Nothing can beat the actual artefact though so i have purchased a print order of 5 Copies which i will call the first edition. i can then personally  distribute them as a part of the exhibition piece.
I have purposfully made the book to act as a ‘teaser’ into the work. i wanted it to be a brief insight into what i have been doing and to make people interested in the project as i develop it further!

And here it is, it provides you with codes so you can insert it directly into your website or blog.

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