Editing the images and Text together

I have been Working with the images alot lately by leaving them out on my desk and also producing a copy of small print outs to mess around with. Just so i can live with my images which has been advised to us by the likes of Peter Dench. When i have a spare moment i can stop by my desk or the table where i have the set of images and can spend  a couple of minutes just pairing them together or seing how they work when constructing a narrative. Also having the text at hand to read while editing to pick out and edit down the bits of text i think also work well.

The above image shows the main pairings for the exhibition piece i want to produce. i was thinking a triptych and also a big print, so in total, 4 prints. i want one large leading image and then maybe the triptych idea underneath the main print. The image above shows my ideas for this and which images to use.
Exhibition Piece
for the exhibition piece of these prints i think im going to go as far as getting them framed and ready to be put on the wall. i think its neccesary to get them framed becasue of the nature of the project. because it is quite documentary based and also with the photographs i have taken the time to use slide film and compose them with care, i think the final prints being in a frame solidifies this considered approach.

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