Idea for final

My idea for my final assignment, is to take some influence from what i have been doing with constructing some narratives previously and start on a new subject.
That subject being my Father. My Father has just been having his ‘case’ looked into by the government as a part of the Welfare Reform Bill 2010 – 2012

I think if i can start taking photographs of him in the wake of the verdict from the government to wheter they state he is fit to return to work or not.
I think this could start an interesting project especially in the fact that everyone who received welfare benefit has had to be reviewed. I hope to try and question the process of this aspect the most. From my perspective they have treated my father not as an individual but as a statistic. i have frequent conversations with him about the lack of humanity contained within the endless paperwork and questionaires he has had to fill in so far.
He has recently just filled in his Appeal form.
I dont think its a project which will be directed as a political one but more of an ethical one. Just raising the thought that the whole process might be flawed due to the fact there is no focus on the individual case.
Getting rid of false cases on welfare benefit at the expense of a number of Honest Cases.
i think it has the potential to develop into something interesting and maybe the opportunity to conduct interviews or use text to work with the photographs

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