Day 9 – Professinal Experience

The Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church – Small Exhibition

Today i have been given the chance to hang some of my work from the past few days of photographing at the Baptist Church. They have an Art weekend coming up and suggested i displayed some of the digital images i shot recently.
I have jumped at this opportunity and have just picked up my 8×10” prints ready to be framed. i have decided to go with 16 images. i feel these ones are my strongest. i have also spent some time framing them today which i found a really hard job. i noticed how i was getting alot of dust trapped in the frame and noticed how by using cheap frames i bought from a store i think i caused myself some problems. i have learnt that its probably best in this scenario to get them framed professionally or learn how to frame to an exhibition standard. As i didnt know where my work was going to go or be placed until i got there to hang i couldnt really plan how to display my images which i found abit annoying as i like to be organised.

When i got to the church and saw the space i had allocated i had to think on my feet abit and think about how i could display the prints. i had plenty of room if i was to order them efficiently. i had a short length of wall in one of the corridors where they had placed some floor to ceiling high MDF wood pained white for me to Hang on. Unfortunatly all i had to work with was a hammer and some tacks, i wasnt able to aquire a spirit level which really gave me some problems. I found a Ruler to use which helped out a great deal though and eventually got my pictures on the wall. I think the only reason why i was so unprepared in this department was because of the spontaneity of the opportunity and the lack of information i had about the space i was going to be working with. i didnt know the situation fully therefore i couldnt prepare totally. From this i have learned to always gather as much information as possibile so you can prepare for the task. I had to really think on my feet today when hanging my work to solve some of the problems i encountered.


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