Day 7 – Professional Experience

The Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church

Today i spent a whole day on Post Production of the images. Because i chose to take alot of images on black and white film it took me a whole day today to get them developed and onto a contact sheet into the darkroom. As well i also made a start on scanning some of them.

I underestimated how much time you have to leave for post production, i only realised how much i had to do with these 8 rolls of film i had today when i was in the process of developing them. i think a valuable lesson i learned today was that i need to be organised with my time and realistic about post production. i need to make sure i am not over loading myself with tasks. this is where i could have done with a helping hand or another person working with me. Or the option of paying for processing of the film. i dveloped two rolls at a time so that cut down my time there and once they were all developed i went into the darkroom straight away and made the contact sheets to see my results. When looking at my results i was quite happy, although some shots seemed to be the process of settling in at the Baptist church, others i thought were quite strong and well composed. i was happy to see that my Childrens after school group images came out as i had pre visualised by slowing down the shutter!
The main thing i learnt today was simply about organisation and time managment and maybe even not to be scared of asking for help from a friend for an hour or two in these situations. i could have really done with a spare set of hands today!

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