Day 6 – Professional Experience

The Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church

I wanted to get alot of digital shots today, i wanted to make sure i had alot of selsection of colour photographs. Especially for the Website. i chose to keep my digital camera with me at all times so i was carrying around 2 cameras today at the majority of times. Today i was photographing mainly children and the childrens groups that use the church. there was an after school group to photograph aswell as the Kids Ukelele Club. Because of the natur of Photographing Children the church had already arranged a form to be sent out to Parents awaring them of a photographers presense today. They all signed a release form and i was given permission to photograph. i found it hard to keep up if i’m honest. The children had bags of energy and i was struggling to catch them still for more than a few seconds. After a while i chose to go with this notion and turned my shutter speed down. i knew that this would easily blur the childrens movements when they were running. i thought that this would capture the energy i was experiencing from them. today was quite an impulsive day and i think i gathered some experience of being able to roll with that impulse in order to capture some images. sometimes you have to be very aware and think on your feet quickly.

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