Day 5 – Professional Experience

The Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church

Today became more about developing relationships and friendships than actually photographing. i spent alot of time today getting to know the people i was photographing. i had alot of conversations especially with the elderly Art Group which were in after Lunch time. I spoke alot with the Art Group members about Common interests as we had common ground with me being a photographer and them beng painters. i found that developing a conversation with your subjects hekped you pick out how to go about making an image of them. it seemed to inform the image you wanted. for example today i was speaking to a gentleman who was making jokes and having a fun time when eventually he dropped some of his paint brushes and other belongings which equired him to pick them up. this became a bit of a joke among the Art club and i was able to capture his personality and laughter while he was cleaning up the mess he had made. i feel like i captured him more truthfully in this respect because i had found out what he was like. i have noticed also today how i have enjoyed working by myself, i have found it quite relaxing and peaceful aswell as taking on all the responsibility. i feel like i can rely on myself.

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