Graham Macindoe

Photographer Graham Macindoe in conversation with Jonathan Worth. from Jonathan Worth on Vimeo.

We recently had a guest interview from contributer to Picbod Grahman Macindoe.
i really enjoyed the interview and felt very privlaged to be one of the first people to hear Graham speak about photography in the last few years. I dont want to divulge too much information because i feel it as a very sensitive subject we all should respect due to its nature and Grahams honesty.
but its definatly the start of a good project and a strong project. Its something thats going to have a big message and its going to be that shock tactic when viewed which is going to be hard hitting to people. Its a Naked piece which has fit nicely into our recent creative workshop, seeing and hearing Graham reveal himself so openly has been quite inspiring.
We were also asked of thoughts to ways in which Graham could go about editing these photographs and displaying them. my initial thought is simply the barebones of them. I think simplicity may be the key with them. because of their nature, i think a structured narrative and repetition i suppose would work well in a gallery space and also a book.

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