Day 3 – Professional Experience

The Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church.
Through a My Dads friend i have come into contact with some Photography work at the Chelmsley wood baptist church. They are wanting some new photos for their website aswell as a potential photo book and calendars etc. They have also offered me the opportunity to be able to put some of the photos up at an upcoming art weekend if i have some Photos by then.
i thought this would be a great opportunity for me to find some people to take photos of and maybe find some stories for personal work as well as getting some recognition for the Website Photos.
They are interested in a very documentary style Photo book as well as some more modern up to date Colour photography. So for this i chose to use my film camera with black and white film aswell as my Digital SLR.
Hopefully i will be spending the most part of the next few days at the Church. I am able to attend all the Group sessions and meetings that go on at the church which include anything from Disability Support groups to The kids Ukelele Club. i want to focus on the people that use this church so hopefully i’ll meet every group at least once.

Today i started off by photographing the Disabled support group as well as going around the church and making myself familar with the lighting conditions in each room and meeting hall. i made sure i was well prepared with spare batteries for my cameras and plenty of film. i chose to attend the session without taking any photographs at first, i wanted to settle in and also have the people settle with me there as well. i started taking photos after the first break, starting at the edges of the room and working closer to subjects as they became more comfortable of my presense.
i was quite nervous as it was my fist time really Photographing a large group of people especially Mentally Disabled Individuals, i felt the need to be very respectful and reserved with my process and make sure i wasnt out of turn with my permissions. i didnt want to intrude too far if not wanted. Sure enough i gradly gained confidence in my subjects and it became an easy task, circling around the room and capturing nice images. Today i feel i learnt that my process of photgraphing was the correct way in this case. introducing me and the camera slowly rather than taking advantage straight away. i think giving it time for people to become comfortable helped me gather some stronger more comfortable images.

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