Creative Workshop 3 ‘Nude and Naked’

These are my results from this weeks picbod task. i decided to go into a more experimental direction and over the last week have been introducing paint and wax into my work.
i started off with doing some scans of my body, as i wanted to get a very abstract perspective of it. i wanted to be able to show extra manipulation in terms of the Photographs and their meaning.
Original scans

I then went and got some cheap prints of these images and decided to manipulate them. i started playing around with wax and then to get them back onto the computer, i scanned them in again

i choose here to display them in dyptychs too. just to give a more firm idea on how they can work together. but i will include the single imges also here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I also wanted to take this opportunity to experiment with paint and decided to mess around with doing a self portrait using some of these scan images aswell as the manipulation idea.


Also another image i have taken within the context of this task:

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  1. M. Mileva

     /  February 1, 2012

    Well done, Sean! The results are stunning, like them lots! Keep exploding with it, would be wicked!


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