Bruce Davidson

I have been revisiting a bit of Bruce Davidsons work in reference to PICBOD. i wanted to look at more examples of picturing the body in a narrative structure. See how to tell a story, in a documentary sense.
I have been looking at a few images from his series of East 100th street.
I like to take alot from Davidsons work. i really admire his compositions and the way he will capture the body. He is another photographer who seemingly is waiting for that moment where he can capture the right image. the honest image. He seems to be aware of and in control of his environment. Like in the workshops we have been doing of knowing your enviornment o you can concentrate on the conversation with your subject. you dont have to worry about the images, you can make the camera secondary, having a conversation and concentrating on relaxing your subject helps you get rid of that tension faster, you make your subject relax. Davidson seems to to alwayts be controlling his light. Nice big window and great contrasts within the fabrics of the room.

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