‘The view from inside’ picbod extra photographs.

From the photographs i produced for the creative workshop 2 ‘the view from inside’ i was asked to think about making some more images about my feelings on the visit to brighton. This would be in attempt to give the whole set of images more direction and meaning, to maybe tell more of a story instead of just a documentation.

i have included some ideas of how the images can work together aswell,  as they are hard to read when on a blog.
i have also taken some inspiration from this weeks task of ‘nude and naked’ in making the photographs of myself in these pictures.

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  1. M. Mileva

     /  January 28, 2012

    Good job, mate! I like them a lot, especially those of you. And the “collages” make me think how or what you think between those walls; and what walls are actually they.

    • thanks Mariya! yeah, im glad you read them like that, i was trying to go for quite a deserted empty feel also, to try and act off the ones i took before.

  2. Now we’re talking. Loving the textures and colour palettes. Nice to see your thought processes as you sketch them out into narratives as well.


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