Susan Meiselas

I have been looking alot at Carnival stripprs by Susan Meiselas. i feel that i have taken a bit of inspiration from this book for this picbod module.
The striking thing about this book is the information that is presented to you to direct the way you read the images. There is alot of text within the book which are taken from interviews Meiselas conducted with her subjects during her time documenting them. Its given me the idea to develop an idea for my own work for this module. I think including text is a very interesting idea and its also interesting where this text comes from or originates. Meiselas as i have said before has used her interview audio as the text to support the images and i believe this works really well within the book form. The one important thing i also think is that the text doesnt take away from the images. There is a clear structure and narrative within the images that if the text were to be taken away the viewer would not be left totally without an idea of how to read the images.
There is also a CD included with the book which contains the interviews and sound clips which provide a bit more of a multi media experience and also an experience all together when viewing the book. It has a very intimate documentary style capturing the subjects in honesty. Its like she has become a part of the scenery and she uses the technique of making the viewer observe without much confrontation. She displays her views and intentions well showing this seedy world seemingly controlled by Men but also suggests at the idea of empowerment for the strippers. Showing the hoards of men at strip shows truthfully as these drooling ,primitave mammals dictated by the womans movements.

I really like the way the images are structured throuout the book, meiselas goes in close but comes back again and then she places an awkwardly cropped image which at first makes an uneasy tension which settles down once you can comprehend the composition and structure which you originally thought wasnt there.

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