Creative Workshop 1 ”Negotiation”

This is my result from our first week creative workshop on the PICBOD module. We had to anticipate a meeting with a stranger. i wanted to take this into the context of someone i dont know to well instead of the literal meaning. i started to think of people who were around me and came to realise that a good person to photograph would be my Friend and housemates girlfriend. Her name is Lisa and even though she is a person i see frequently, is a person i dont know much about. i chose to shoot on Medium format 120 film because i wanted to make myself really consider the image i was taking with composition and making sure the light was perfect. unfortunately i do feel like the images were a little bit underexposed but i think it works. its the only thing i would consider changing about the image.
In reference of the task, i tried to talk to my subject and relate to each other stories of our day. Lisa had been suffering with a toothache so she had just been to get some pain killers. She had a wisdom tooth coming through which gave me opportunity to reference my own experiences of this. I wanted to approach it relaxed and this little chat made the process much more easier and resulted in more relaxed and better photographs.

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  1. You are talented. How nice to figure out what you are good at so young. Don’t let anyone tell you to do something practical for a living. I was surprised you were a student. I figured you were from LA and I was going to ask where you might have a show. I would love to see what projects you’d post after a long desert road trip through the American Southwest. The cheap motels, the diners, the parks, the small towns, the people. Perfect for your style. Put it on your to do list and I’ll buy your photos when you’re done. Those collage pieces are so cool. Not sure how I found your site today. I wish you were on Facebook. Sam

    • Thanks for the comment! im working on a website at the moment so hopefully pretty soon i’ll have a lot more of my work up on there!


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