Day 1 – Professional Experience

Exhibition Set up – Clarke Gallery – Mobility Project.

Today i got the opportunity to help in the set up of the Mobility Project exhibition by curator Elly Clarke.
I arrived in the afternoon to the meter room in Coventry and was given directions to make myself available to help out the exhibiting Artists Hang their work. This was the first time i have ever really professinally hung any work on a Gallery wall so i was a little nervous. I started talking to a few of the artists and let myself become abit more settled in the environment and then continued to offer my assistance.
I found myself working with Artist Enda O’ Donoghue who needed help haning some of his work. The piece was 12 seperate painted canvasses which were to be displayed 4 x 3 with equal measurements between each canvas. i used a big meter Rule and also a spirit level to start out and marked out in pencil points to hand the paintings.
It took me quite awhile to get everything precise and in place. I found this a good first experience of hanging work in this environment and it made me realise how vigilant and perfect you have to be with your measurements and concentration. you havent got much if not any room to make mistakes when hammering in nails or tacks. Enda was really great to work with aswell. he was easy going and made the whole process less stressful for me.
i then also went on to help others hang their work and to give my opinions on where to place certain pieces. i feel privalaged to have had my opinion counted in this scenario and enjoyed my introduction into the world of curation and exhibiting.


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