Putting my image into context.

Through my research and reading the texts which we have been set. i want to try and help put my image into context by using text. i think i am going to include a title which i think will help direct how this image is read. through looking at the website of http://www.nosweat.org.uk/ i have found out alot of information about how high street fashion is manufactured and to direct my image in a response to this research i am going to title my image ‘Made in Bangladesh’. by doing this i hope to direct the understanding a communication of the photograph into a realm people can identify with. when people read these words, it usually refers to a product label on a piece of clothing or object purchased from a store. but what then i have attempted to depict in the image is a burnt garment, the product is destroyed. i wanted to play around with this idea of a person only being worth what they produce, this kind of aspect to consumer society, capitalist society at that and i wanted to make the point of literally wasting money. becasue it had to be a dummy scarf, i purchased it from a high street shop for £3 with the sole intention of destroying it. i wanted this to reference this idea of disposable income and how that £3 spent on the garment is what a worker in bangladesh would make in a coule of days, maybe weeks. perhaps then i should maybe put in the title how much i paid for the scarf? maybe this would provide more context for it. ‘£3, Made in Bangladesh’.

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