Playing with Fire

So i have been experimenting with buring a scarf to see what type of images i can get. overall i dont think i can really get something i like unless i take a nice crop out of the image and go in close to get a really colourful abstract image of the colour of fire. its also quite hard to get the scarf to burn freely unless it is grounded. maybe a fuel ould help. i could try and get the scarf on fire and then send it up into the air to take a photograph of it in freefal but i feel that this could be able too predictable, and maybe not really communicating anything i want it to communicate. it could possibly look like an advertising campaign.



However i did find that when the flames had died out and the scarf was all burnt it did leave this crusty mess of debri. i found this quite interesting becasue the cheap plastic and nylonin the scarf had preserved certain bits of it when it had been burnt. if i was to find a scarf with more plastic nylon material in i could perhaps get this efect more and instead of photographing the actual event of fire, i could photograph what is left afterward.

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