Initial Ideas, Sketches and thoughts.

For the first sketch idea, i have thought about using the scarf as a sign of constraint or a sign of self-destruction. i have thought about the idea of maybe manipulating the scarf garment into a noose and hang it from a tree or in a room. The obvious connotation that comes with a noose is that of death, execution or that sense of self destruction. i think the environment which the noose was in would effect this image. for instance if it was outside on a tree then it would suggest that it wasnt a self inflicted thing, it is a noose that is going to be strangling somebody against their own will. where as if its in a familiar environment that looks quite homely, then i would expect it to seem more self inflicted as in the person who will use this noose will be more in control. i was thinking about this idea becasue i think it communicates this idea of consumerism in the fashion industry, this garment is basically depicte as an instrument of death, therefore we can translate that as a statement about an opinion on the fashion world.


For the Second sketch ideas, i have thought about setting up a scene in a bedroom whereby it suggests another form of exploitation. i wanted it to maybe look like a brothel, or a place of selling yourself. i wanted the scarf garment to be draped over a lampshade which is in reference to when we see this in moviesand films to give off that red glow in an old style brothel. im not too fond of this idea but i think it could work well if i had the right location. i think the idea of leaving clothes on the floor in the shape of a man’s presense would also work well, i think this is the weakest idea i’ve had as i would need to develop it alot in order for the photograph to communcate these opinions i have researched.

 this is something which can be easily understood by all people. it is something that the audience can identify with in the essence that everyone knows the amount of destructive fire causes. i think this idea is a good one and deserves some experimentation to see how a scarf will burn. obviously i would have to use a dummy scarf for this as i couldnt destroy the fashion students work.

On the third page of sketch, i was thinking about playing on the idea of not being able to use a model. maybe by constructing a human form out of chicken wire or newspaper and then dressing it in clothes with the scarf. i think this idea could be could because its a play on identity, how for instance the fashion industry produces so much of the same garment people end up looking more and more al like one another, as in it doesnt matter who the person is just what they look like. or the idea that the person becomes their posessions. if i was to take these images, i would photograph the model of a model in the same way as i would photograph a portrait but i think it would give it a very surreal edge without a head or actual any form of identity for this form excpet for its human shape and clothes.

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