Fashion Industry Research

i have been looking at the website alot and reading articles to try and find out more about how major high street fashion brands produce their garments. usually it is through the exploitation of cheap labour in east asian countries. i think this could be a good direction for me to direct myself with the second part of this module. The fashion industry has always come under great scruitny for the way it markets itself and the way in which it exploits people. this is definatly something i want to investigate as i believe that that the fashion industry does deserve alot criticism for the way major companies operate. The issue of models has always been a topic for discussion in the way that people debate how it is glorifying this Skinny image in recent years, and how it doesnt reflect real people, therefore you have impressionable young teenagers striving to look like models in the magazines and in the process harming their health, with cases of anorexia and bulimia for example. in this consumer environment people are constantly being told what beautiful is and how you can be beautiful if you have a certain poseesion. the same with other products. for example the LYNX adverts depict how you will be more attractive if you wear/apply their deodrants:

This applys to alot of products in a capitalist society and especially in one where advertisment is so common. everywhere is polluted with advertisment, you cant walk along any street without seeing some form of it, and alot of the time its aways like a constant convincing of the viewer that you and your life is going to be far better off if you have this product. its going to benefit you and your exsistence.

Even Photographers get into this advertisment industry so easily. this is a H&M commerical made by Photographer David Lachapelle. it follows the story of romeo and juliet. to me this advert is just encouraging the sales of clothes. if you buy clothes from H&M, you can look like romeo or juliet and you can therefore have your own love story, find true love, have adventure, solve all of your emotional worries and life anxieties by buying one ‘cool’ T-shirt.

I think i want to go in this direction for the production of the second part. i want to try and make a statement on the Fashion industry, maybe especially focus on how the garments are produced down the line to be available in high street shops like H&M.
Nosweat is a great website for finding out facts and unearthing truths about these big companies. for example how this stuff is manufactured, you will always catch a glimpse of the label on the piece of clothing which will say ‘made in china/taiwan/bangladesh/indonesia all of these east asian countries, but you never go further than that, never really understand the full context and process of it coming to be worn by you.

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