Shomei Tomatsu

I have been thinking about this image alot while trying to get together some ideas for the second part of our brief. We cant use a model and i still want to try and capture a striking image. or a simple image. i have started thinking about still life and how i can communicate my ideas and opinions on the Scarf we have to photograph with minimal objects in the final image. i Want to stick with the idea of producing something simple but i feel this may be hard to do with such limited subject available. i am going to continue to look into work by photographers who have captured still life in a striking way. alot of the time i have found as well as in this case, the image is put into its context with its title or caption. for example how would we read this image if we didnt know that the watch was dug up from the epicentre of the Atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki. the watch stopped on the time of explosion. if we didnt know this i think we would lose alot from this image. it would simply just be a still life study, photograph of a watch. text is important. perhaps i should consider using text in my final image and use it as a tool of directing the image to be understood in a certain way.

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