Fashion Shoot with Fashion Students

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These are my final images for each of the fashion students i worked with. i only used lighting with one of them. i tried to achieve that twighlight/dusk look which i was experimenting with beforehand on the images with hannah’s scarf. (Blonde Model). i think this came out really well and i achieved what i set out to do. she wanted an image that was commercial and wanted to stick to a landscape, natural feel to the image. due to the location we chose i think this is the only thing that lets this image down. it doesnt quite fill the landscape criteria but i think we salvaged that by using the brick and stone to construct a backdrop which gave a kind of earthy sense. i think this wrks well with her scarf. Lauren wanted a vintage feel to her images (Auburn hair model). she wanted the shots to seem quite candid so idid not use any lighting for this, just set up natural lighting and relied on post production to bring out the vintage style she wanted. with Suman’s scarf, it was pretty much the same criteria and around the same locations really. i think that i could have achieved some better reults if we had organised ourselves as a group better and arranged to go out looking for more interesting locations which suited the style of the relevant scarf. i think the opportunity here to produce something alot different from the norm was there but we didnt take advantage of that. like i sent out the examples of photgraphers which i was interested in in an attempt to plant some ideas in hope to get something we could all be passionate about working toward.
i decided to select the first image of Hannahs scarf for my entry into the clothes show competition.

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