Kerstin Honeit

I recently attended a talk given by artist Kerstin Honeit at the MAC Centre in Birmingham. it was great to go and hear her talk about her work which i have never before been aware of. It came about through a suggestion from my lecturer who had been involved in making it happen in assosiation with Birmingham univeristy German studies. Kerstin mainly focused on talking about two pieces, one being JUNOST BANG and the other BECOMING 10. she continued to talk about the processes gone through in creating these pieces with a detailed slideshow and she helped us put the work into context with her beliefs and investigations as an artist. I was very interested in her work Becoming 10, i found it a very intersting observaional project with this introduction and projection of her own perceptions on life in berlin as well as her personal family dynamic. It Deals with the issue of stereotypes well and is a focused document of development through this idea of characters, narrative and assumptions.

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