Fashion Research – Helmut Newton

I was lucky enough to get to see the helmut newton museum in berlin over the summer which was a great experience to see a whole gallery of photography can be dedicated to one artist. Newton was a big influence on the way images are made today within the fashion industry. his approach to the making of photographs is seemingly from an artistic direction. he wouldnt neccesarily photograph a naked body he would more treat it as a nude. he mainly fcused on photographing women and from seeing a vast amount of his work at the museum i got overwhelmed which mixed messages from his photographs. he very much celebrates the female figure and treats them as an authoritive figure in alot of his work. however, i did feel that some of his work if not alot, was communicating a more mysogonist point of view. alot of his images would seem to be degrading women or show them being used in a sense for sexual gratification. he is definatly someone who i shall be looking at though, in a attempt to understand more in what im dealing with when coming to take these fashion photographs.

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