Tom Hunter

I recently attended a talk given by the Photographer Tom Hunter at the Royal Shakespeare Company. It was a conversation between Tom Hunter and Martin Barnes who is the senior curator of photography at the V&A Museum. i have been aware of Hunters work for awhile now but havent ever had the chance to see it in exhibition. The Conversation took place as apart of the ‘A Midsummer nights dream’ commision he has recently done in collaboration with the RSC and also featured the Exhibition of Photographs from the project. it was a great chance to hear Hunter talk about his influences and the way he works, and it was very inspiring to hear his views and opinions on the medium of photography. Also i dont want to disregard Martin Barnes’ prescene as this sent the conversation in a very intellectual direction in regards to Tom Hunters image making, and it was also great to hear the questions and experience of an established curator.

Seeing this exhibition made me take a more active interest in Tom hunters work and i found myself discovering the issues he investigates and the topics he reflects on. Hunter has this real sense of community in his work and this is the aspect is what i relate to the most. He also regularly provides us with this sense of narrative and construts his images like paintings while also sometimes referencing them in Photography. i have been given alot of ideas from looking at Hnters work and it has motivated me to develop my own ideas in regards to my personal work away from the course and also with my University approach. i think i can take alot about producing images from Hunter. i think his work is much about the process as it is about the final piece. its an artistic process he goes through, constantly developing the ideas and taking time in the production. i think i can take something from the fact Tom hunter is using 4×5 Transparent film slides to shoot on. Large format Cameras which in this day and age makes a statement straight away. i will continue to look into tom hunters work and research him as an artist as he has really inspired me in ideas for some modules this year including professional experience 201mc and even onto the 250mc module placing photographic practice into context.

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