Second Attempt

Gaffa Tape works better.

On my second attempt i decided to use gaffa tape instead of the other quite weak tape i was using. this stableised the tripod alot better and i didnt have to stop the process to go and repair it as much.

i went out and documented the journey from coventry to my family home in lichfield. this was a chance of two journeys to get a good quantity of shots from every road that i travelled down to get there. on my first journey the composition of the camera had been disrupted so unfortunatly i couldnt use any of those shots. on my second journey i made sure that everything was stable and positioned correctly and i managed to take around 60 30 second exposures on my journey. i have narrowed them down to the ones i think will work best and i have printed them off to further narrow down to the final images i shall use.

I have chosen a final 9 images to document the journey. i need now to think about how i am going to get them printed and also how i am going to present them. i like the idea in the photograph above. its almost like a contact sheet with all the images but i think it works well as a kind of storyboard. i think it would be good if these were to be printed quite large, or the option of having one leading image very large. this all depends on the cost though. i need to think about framing options also and how much it will cost to get them all produced and presented.

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